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Air Conditioning Installation and Heating Repair in Gastonia by Precise Conditions

Air Conditioning & AC Repair in Gastonia

Precise Conditions offers outstanding air conditioning services and AC installation in Gastonia.  

We understand the importance customers’ satisfaction and quality workmanship. Our Gastonia A/C experts are trained to install, repair and maintain all different types and brands of air conditioning systems.

Heating Repair & Tune-ups in Gastonia

Even though you might not use your heater as much as your AC system, you still want a heating system that works when you need it. Precise Conditions offers unmatched heating repair service in Gastonia.


Whether you are in need of a major furnace repair or some preventative maintenance for your heating system. Our experienced heating experts are able to provide installation, repair and HVAC maintenance in Gastonia, for all different types of heating systems. If you need a new heating system installed we can help you choose a furnace, heat pump or other system that matches your home’s needs. We also provide heating repair and furnace tune-ups in Gastonia for the times when your heating system breaks down.

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